Cloud-Ready Battery Service Station

BT2300-PLUS is a cloud-ready battery service station. It not only performs real load test and uploads the test results to the cloud via WiFi automatically, but also 12V lead-acid, EFB, AGM, VRLA, LFP battery charge & power supply for ECU programming. Other than that, it features VIN scan, field upgrade, PC data link, and PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) charge with quick diagnostic. Looking for an all in one solution? Contact us to start your customized project.


  • Wi-Fi Transmission & Cloud Management

    Upload database to cloud data automatically.
    Review, manage, export test results on the cloud.
    Date/Time set-up by Internet automatically.

  • Field Upgrade

    Over-the-air (WiFi OTA) field upgrade.
    Upgrade via USB.

  • VIN Code Scan

    Supports 1D/2D barcode scanner via USB.
    Manually enter VIN via keypad.

  • USB Port

    Transfers data to PC software.
    Field upgrade.

  • Intuitive User Interface

    Large back-lit screen and graphical interface.
    Shows different color for different test result.
    Alpha-Numeric keypad for quick input.

  • Battery Test

    “SET-N-GO”, Automatic Testing/Charging Procedure.
    Flooded, AGM, EFB, VRLA/GEL Batteries supported.
    Real Load Test: Real load test up to 1000CCA Battery.

  • Battery Charge & Fast Diagnostic

    Supports Auto Charge & PDI Charge mode for above batteries.
    Quick diagnoses during charging stage (Detects 80%+ bad batteries during charge).

  • Complete Test Report

    Judgement, SOH, SOC, Rated & Measured CCA, Charging Time Applied, VIN, RO#, Warranty Code.

  • Power Supply for ECU Reflash

    Supports 13.0~14.5V (Max 50A) power supply.

  • LFP Battery Charge

    “Wake up” feature. (12V, 2A)
    Selectable 20A / 30A / 40A for charging LFP batteries.

  • Precise Temperature Compensation

    10 feet heavy duty detachable cable with built-in temperature sensor.

  • Print Test Results

    Built-in 2” thermal printer.

  • Optional Voltage & Current Meter

    Optional voltage & current meter available

BT2300-PLUS Product Specification

Model Number BT2300-PLUS
Application 12V Battery / START-STOP Battery Test & Battery Charge
12V & 24V Charging/Starting System Test
Lithium Battery Support & Battery Charge
Power Supply for ECU Programming
Cloud Data Service Supported
LCD 4-line & 4-color large LCD with adjustable brightness
Printer 2” thermal printer
DHC Cloud Services
Supported is powered by AWS
WiFi Compatibility: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
USB Standard type A USB for external barcode scanner / PC Software connection.
Supported Battery Types Flooded, VRLA/GEL, AGM Flat, AGM Spiral, EFB
Battery Ratings CCA/SAE, EN, JIS, DIN, IEC
Operating Range 100~1,500 CCA(SAE)
Voltage Range 1V ~ 31.5V
Dimensions (mm) 397.5 (L) x 305.5(W) x 235.3(H)
Detachable Cable Yes
Languages English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese is powered by AWS.
Amazon Web Services, AWS, and the Powered by AWS logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

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