Cloud-Ready Battery Service Station

BT2300-PLUS is a cloud-ready battery service station. It not only performs real load test and uploads the test results to the cloud via WiFi automatically, but also 12V lead-acid, EFB, AGM, VRLA, LFP battery charge & power supply for ECU programming. Other than that, it features VIN scan, field upgrade, PC data link, and PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) charge with quick diagnostic. Looking for an all in one solution? Contact us to start your customized project.


  • Wi-Fi Transmission & Cloud Management

    Upload database to cloud data automatically.
    Review, manage, export test results on the cloud.
    Date/Time set-up by Internet automatically.

  • Field Upgrade

    Over-the-air (WiFi OTA) field upgrade.
    Upgrade via USB.

  • VIN Code Scan

    Supports 1D/2D barcode scanner via USB.
    Manually enter VIN via keypad.

  • USB Port

    Transfers data to PC software.
    Field upgrade.

  • Intuitive User Interface

    Large back-lit screen and graphical interface.
    Shows different color for different test result.
    Alpha-Numeric keypad for quick input.

  • Battery Test

    “SET-N-GO”, Automatic Testing/Charging Procedure.
    Flooded, AGM, EFB, VRLA/GEL Batteries supported.
    Real Load Test: Real load test up to 1000CCA Battery.

  • Battery Charge & Fast Diagnostic

    Supports Auto Charge & PDI Charge mode for above batteries.
    Quick diagnoses during charging stage (Detects 80%+ bad batteries during charge).

  • Complete Test Report

    Judgement, SOH, SOC, Rated & Measured CCA, Charging Time Applied, VIN, RO#, Warranty Code.

  • Power Supply for ECU Reflash

    Supports 13.0~14.5V (Max 50A) power supply.

  • LFP Battery Charge

    “Wake up” feature. (12V, 2A)
    Selectable 20A / 30A / 40A for charging LFP batteries.

  • Precise Temperature Compensation

    10 feet heavy duty detachable cable with built-in temperature sensor.

  • Print Test Results

    Built-in 2” thermal printer.

  • Optional Voltage & Current Meter

    Optional voltage & current meter available

BT2300-PLUS Product Specification

Model Number BT2300-PLUS
Application 12V Battery / START-STOP Battery Test & Battery Charge
12V & 24V Charging/Starting System Test
Lithium Battery Support & Battery Charge
Power Supply for ECU Programming
Cloud Data Service Supported
LCD 4-line & 4-color large LCD with adjustable brightness
Printer 2” thermal printer
WiFi Compatibility: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
USB Standard type A USB for external barcode scanner / PC Software connection.
Supported Battery Types Flooded, VRLA/GEL, AGM Flat, AGM Spiral, EFB
Battery Ratings CCA/SAE, EN, JIS, DIN, IEC
Operating Range 100~1,500 CCA(SAE)
Voltage Range 1V ~ 31.5V
Dimensions (mm) 397.5 (L) x 305.5(W) x 235.3(H)
Detachable Cable Yes
Languages English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese

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