Battery Charger/Maintainer/Power Supply

AE5000PS is a multi-functions battery charger that performs not only battery charging, maintainer but also power supply for 12V automotive batteries.


  • Reliable and Stable Power Supply

    Reliable power during vehicle reprogramming. (ECU upgrade)
    Power an in-vehicle battery for showroom demonstration.

  • All in One Solution For Your Daily Operation

    Power supply (50Amp max.)
    Battery charging (30Amp & 15Amp)

  • Energy & Time Saving

    Patented charging profile: 30% energy and 50% time saving

  • User-Friendly Design

    Easy-To-Read LCD+LED display.
    Fast / Slow charging mode: 30Amp & 15Amp

  • Safe & Reliable

    Multiple Protection Design
    Over-Charging Protection
    Spark Free
    Reverse Poles Protection

AE5000PS Product Specification

Model Number AE5000PS
Voltage AC 120 - 240 Vac
Charger Output Current: 15 Amp & 30 Amp
Power Supply Output Voltage: 13V 〜15V
(Adjustable voltage setting, 0.1V per step)
Output Current: 50 Amp (Max.)
DC cable Insulated protection on clamps and field replaceable cables
Dimensions (mm) L334 x W200 x H102
Weight 5.1 Kgs

DHC 6-stage charging diagram

The microprocessor will charge/maintain a battery with the most efficient setup.

  • Desulfation: Efficiently recovers a deeply discharged or a lightly sulfated battery.
  • Fast charge: Charges battery to 75% in the fastest and most efficient manner.
  • Absorption: When the battery reaches 75% charge, the charger output switches to constant current (small) with high voltage to 90% in safe manner.
  • Equalization: When the battery reaches 90% charge, the charger starts a charge pulse with a smaller current to fully charge in safe manner.
  • Top off: Fully charge the battery without overcharging the battery.
  • Maintenance: Maintains the battery in a full state of charge.

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