Battery Charger / Maintainer

SCM153 is a 2 / 7 / 15 Amp switchable 3-station battery charger & maintainer. It is also capable of switching voltage between 6 / 8 / 12 voltages for different usage such as tractors, golf cars, motors, cars and small trucks.


  • Use Single Unit to Fulfill All Charging Schemes

    Workable with Start Stop batteries, Flooded, GEL, and AGM lead-acid batteries.
    Workable with Start Stop batteries, Flooded, GEL, and AGM lead-acid batteries.
    2, 7 & 15 Amp switchable maximum charging current for battery ranging from 2AH to 200AH (motorcycle to HD batteries)

  • Maximize Throughput

    Service multiple batteries (up to 3) in 1 time

  • Save deeply discharged battery

    Newly developed Battery Repair mode. Possible to charge deeply discharged battery down to 2V.

  • Save Energy & Time

    Unique charging diagram: 30% energy and 50% time saving

  • User-friendly Design

    Easy-to-read LED indicators: No more guess work
    Memorize the last selected charging mode. Quickly repeat the charging process in a high value distributing center.

  • Fully Charged with Automatically Temperature compensation

    Without any manual setting. Temperature Sensor can detect automatically make sure battery can be charged effectively and fully regardless high or low temperature.

  • Safe & Reliable

    Multiple protection design
    Over-charging protection, Spark free, Reverse poles protection
    Universal safety certified

SCM153 Product Specification

Model Number SCM153
Charging Voltage (Switchable) 6 / 8 / 12 Volt (each station)
Charging Current (Switchable) 2 / 7 / 15 Amp (each station)
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 325 x 320 x 110
Weight 7.5 KG

DHC 9-stage charging diagram

The microprocessor will charge/maintain a battery with the best setup.

  • Desulfation: Saves a deeply discharged or a lightly sulfated battery for recovery.
  • Soft start: Tests that the battery is in suitable condition to receive charge.
  • Fast Charge: Charges battery to 75% in the fastest and most efficient manner.
  • Repair: If the charged battery's charge storage capability is very bad, it will detect and start repair function to recover battery automatically.
  • Absorption: When the battery reaches 75% charge, the charger output constantly with high voltage small current to 90% in safe manner.
  • Pulse: When the battery reaches 90% charge, the charger starts a charge pulse with a smaller current to fully charge in safe manner.
  • Analysis: Tests that the battery is retaining the charge that has been delivered.
  • Top off: Fully charge the battery without overcharging the battery.
  • Maintenance: Maintains the battery in a full state of charge.

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