Wireless Battery & Electrical System Tester

BTW200 is a wireless battery & electrical system tester controlled by DHC’s applications. It also comes with automatic battery monitor and saves the results into the built-in calendar. Furthermore, BTW200 supports DHC cloud data management service as well.

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  • Battery Monitor

    Real time battery monitoring and sends out notification automatically.

  • Battery, Cranking, & Charging system tester

    12V battery / 12V START-STOP battery test / 12V & 24V cranking/charging system test /

  • Start/Stop Battery Test Available

    Performs accurate test for Start/Stop batteries.

  • Graphical User Interface

    Interactive interface makes the operation easier and provides the test results clearly.

  • Vehicle & Battery Info Available

    Supports VIN & Battery S/N scan

  • Customer & Shop Info Available

    Capable of editing & saving customer & shop info.

  • Calendar

    Easily identifies which and when that the test has been performed from the calendar.

  • Remote Control via Applications

    All the test procedures are remotely controlled by either iOS or Android applications.

  • Share Test Results Capability

    Test results cold be share via communication applications or email

  • Cloud Data Management Capability

    Supports DHC cloud data management service

  • Field Upgrade

    Upgrades the BTW200 via DHC applications.

  • Name the Tester

    Able to name different testers to easily identify multiple BTW200 testers.

  • Group Test Capability

    Able to perform group/batch battery test.

BTW200 Product Specification

Model Number BTW200
Application 12V battery / 12V START-STOP battery test
12V & 24V cranking/charging system test
Supported APP Both iOS & Android applications are available
Android 5.0 and above / iOS 10 and above
Wireless connection Bluetooth 4.2 (BLE)
RF Frequency: 2.4GHz
Cloud Data Management Supports DHC cloud data management system
Supported Battery Types Flooded, VRLA/GEL, AGM Flat, AGM Spiral, EFB
Battery Ratings CCA/SAE, EN, JIS, DIN, IEC, CA/MCA
Operating Range 40~2,000 CCA(SAE)
Voltage Range 5V ~ 31.5V
Dimensions (mm) 70 (L) x 45(W) x 15(H)
Languages English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese

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