Cloud & APP Service

Cloud Data Service

DHC Cloud Data Service:

DHC Cloud Data Service is a cloud-based management system that helps you to manage the battery test data by automatically collecting the test results from different testing equipment, branches and locations once the cloud is enabled via subscription codes.

You can easily sort and analysis the data from the dashboard of the cloud service, and further benefit from the cost reduction of labor, purchasing, inventory, and better customer satisfaction.

No matter you are running a business of manufacturing starter batteries, auto repairing, road side rescue service, or even delivery convoys, data management of the battery testing is one big thing that keeps your business on running.

Advantages Of DHC Cloud Data Service

  • Compatible with DHC testers
  • Monitor daily workshop status
    • How many cars come, how many tested, results?
  • Multi-workshop management
    • Review comprehensive reports of all workshops
  • Road side service fleet management
    • Every rescue truck comes with a battery tester
    • Every battery test brings opportunity of battery sales
  • Record and manage customer data
    • Improve customer Satisfaction
    • Implement promotion activities
    • Inventory Control

What's on the Cloud?

  • Web Based Test Result Center, stores all test results!
  • View On-Line Or Export To Excel
  • On-Line Search & Filter Function
  • Find The Data You Need In A Click!

APP Service

DHC APP Service

DHC provides applications on both iOS & Android platforms that allow a complete battery, cranking, and charging test to be done remotely and fast. Other than that, the DHC applications come with many useful features more than you could expect from a traditional tester.

DHC APP Features:

  • Available onBTW200BTW300BT2100.
  • Interactive user interface.
  • VIN scan capability.
  • Edit and record both account & customer Info.
  • Remotely performs battery, cranking, and charging tests.
  • Clearly displays test result in details.
  • Capable of email graphic test records.
  • Data export and upload to the cloud.
  • Up to date battery database.
  • Available on both iOS and Android.
  • Supports field upgrade for specific DHC testers.

What's in the APP?



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