About Us

DHC is an ISO 9001/14001 certified company. With manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and mainland China, DHC designs, produces and specializes in following products:

  • Battery and System Tester
  • Battery Management Cloud Service & Applications Development
  • Battery Charger
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Booster Cables
  • Wires and Cables
  • Battery Accessories, Repair Tools, and Battery Related Goods

DHC in addition has extensive engineering, research and development capabilities to meet OEM, OES, and ODM needs.

DHC has forged partner relationships with many TIER 1 companies globally as a source for their battery testing and charging solutions needs.

DHC adopts MIL standard to implement automotive grade quality control system.

DHC products are manufactured to meet international standards such as: UL, CE, SAE, TUV, ETLC & FCC, etc..

DHC has extensive global partnerships and distribution channels to successfully sell our products to all over the world.

Management Philosophy

  • Doing business is like planting trees.
  • Trees do not become grown overnight.
  • DHC does not look for traditional buyer-seller relationship.
  • DHC believes comprehensive partnership is very important to business success.
  • DHC desires to be your reliable long-term partner.


  • 1987DHC was established.
  • 1991Set up the plant in Taiwan.
  • 1999ISO9001 certificated.
  • 2001First digital battery analyzer.
  • 2002Established DHC USA.
  • 2003First digital battery analyzer with integrated printer.
  • 2003Set up the plant in Songjiang Area, Shanghai, China.
  • 2005Switching power, digital processing battery charger.
  • 2010New plant established in New Taipei City, Taiwan.
  • 2012ISO14001 certificated.
  • 2012Battery tester with PC Data Link.
  • 2014Upgraded BT2300 express test / charge center.
  • 2015First wireless battery tester & APP deployed.
  • 2018Cloud service online.
  • 2019Solar Charge Controller.

Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR

DHC's company name is composed of Duty, Honor, and Commitment. We believe it is our duty to be socially accountable, not just to the shareholders and employees, but also to the society.

We are all responsible for creating a better future for our next generation, and education is one of the key essence of future development. DHC has been sponsoring Boyo, a non-profit organization that dedicates to the rural education of Taiwan for years.

By investing in education, countless opportunities can be created and eventually benefit our world.

For more information on DHC's commitment on CSR, please visit the following links.
White Champak Graden - Website
White Champak Graden - Facebook

On Aug. 1st. 2019. DHC invited these children to our office for the experience event.

We prepared many job experience competitions for the children, so they could know a little more of our jobs or even find more of their interests. All the children and DHC team members were having a great fun that day.

Thanks to these lovely children and hardworking volunteers that brought so much laughs and joy. And we are now planning to visit one of the Boyo's facilities located in Ilan, Taiwan by the end of 2019.

Look forward to seeing these optimistic children again.



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