120-Amp Multi-Purpose Full Voltage Range Battery Charger and Power Supply

The AE12000U is a multi-purpose battery charger and power supply. With the capability to provide 120A of sustained output, it is suitable for a diverse set of applications. It can be powered by either 100 - 120V or 220 - 240V AC input.


  • It is a Power Supply

    Capable of sustained 120A output.
    Perfect for ECU and module programing.

  • It is a Battery Charger

    Up to 100A of charing current.
    Compatible with most lead-acid batteries and Lithium (LFP) batteries.

  • It is a Showroom Power Supply

    Supply 50A of power in silence.
    Great for demostrating the latest automotive technology, like digital cockpit, infotainment system, and etc.

  • It is a Memory Saver

    Retain ECU and module memories while changing battery.

  • Heavy Duty Clamps

    Fully insulated with wide clamping angles and optimal clamping force.

  • Reinforced Output Connector

    Ensure proper connection.

  • Support Wall Mounting

    Organize your workspace with the included wall mount bracket and UI rotating feature.

  • 4 Backlit Color Display

    Determine device status with one quick glance.

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AE12000U Product Specification

Model Number AE12000U
Battery Types 12V Flooded, AGM Flat/Spiral, EFB, VRLA, GEL, Lithum (LFP)
Charge Capacity 20Ah - 1000Ah
Maximum Sustained Output
(Mode Dependent)
Battery Charging Mode: 100 Amps
Power Supply Mode: 120 Amps (110A @ 110VAC, 100A @ 100VAC)
Showroom Mode: 50 Amps
Memory Saver Mode: 30 Amps
Clamp-Cable Length 3m or 5m (approx. 9.8ft or 16.4ft)
AC Cord 3m (approx. 9.8ft)
AC Input 100 - 240V 50/60Hz
(Message and Buzzer)
Reverse Polar
Short Clamp
Over Voltage
Over Current
Over Temperature
Operating Temperature 0 - 40°C (32 - 104°F)
With Active Cooling
Storage Temperature -20 - 60°C (-4 - 140°F)
Firmware Update Yes, via USB Type-B port.
Certification CE, ETL, and CB
IP Rating IP20D
Display 2.5-inch 4 Backlit Color LCD
Input Device Hardware Button
Dimensions (L x W x H) 425 x 382.5 x 118 mm
(approx. 16.7" x 15.1" x 4.6")
Wall Mount Support Yes, with UI rotate.
Operating Languages English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

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