EV Car Charger Cable

Type2 – Type2 EV charging Cables

EV charger cables are designed to safely deliver power from a power source to your electric car.

Type 2 is the interface standard for electric vehicles in Europe.

Safety Standards:

  • CE
  • UKCA
  • Highlight:

    • Minimalist design.
    • Dependable material and durability.
    • Great compatibility.
    • Outstanding protection mechanism.
    • Portability.

EV Car Charger Cable Product Specification

Model Number Phase Current Plug Standard Power Length
240161 1-Phase 16A TYPE2 - TYPE2 3.7kW 5m
240321 1-Phase 32A TYPE2 - TYPE2 7.4kW 5m
240163 3-Phase 16A TYPE2 - TYPE2 11kW 5m
240323 3-Phase 32A TYPE2 - TYPE2 22kW 5m

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