When your vehicle’s battery is getting old and need to be replaced, you need a backup battery to supply power to keep your vehicle’s settings when it is disconnected.

Radio presets, clock, seats, anti-theft radios, keyless entry systems, GPS memory and any other memory related functions.

The unit has OBDII cable and cigarette lighter cable, you can connect any one of these two cables to the vehicles for activating the unit.

Yes. Please turn off the engine before activating the memory saver.

If the car settings in the vehicle connecting to the memory saver needs more than 4AMP, the built-in resettable fuse will switch on to protect against excessive current draw from the vehicle. In cigarette lighter cable plug, it has the other 7.5A rated one-time fuse to protect the unit from the instant high current.

Use the clamp ammeter meter to measure the battery cable to see the actual running current. If you do not have clamp ammeter meter by your side, please just leave your vehicle’s key switched off for 30mins at least to let most of electric devices turning off in vehicle’s systems.

Please use the adaptor equipped with the unit originally. Never charge the internal battery with any other adaptor cables, the battery may be damaged.

When the battery is discharged completely, it may takes 9 hours to recharge the MS-1 and 14 hours to recharge MS-7 fully by using the original adaptor. It depends on the actual discharge level.

Charge the unit after every uses and every 30 days to keep the internal battery being fully charged and fresh.



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