DHC chargers are complete automatically smart ones. The microprocessor will vary the charging modes depending on the status of battery.

  1. Desulfation: Saves a deeply discharged or a lightly sulfated battery for recovery.
  2. Fast charge: Chargers battery to 75% in the fastest and most efficient manner.
  3. Equalization: When the battery reaches 75% charge, the charger starts a charge pulse with a smaller current to fully charge in safe manner.
  4. Top off: Fully charge the battery without overcharging the battery.
  5. Maintenance: Maintains the battery in a full state of charge.

12V lead-acid battery (including flooded, VRLA, AGM, and deep cycle battery).

There is the Auto-polarity protection, which means nothing will happen if you clamp onto the wrong terminal.

1/10 AH rate will be recommended. For example, 6A current will be recommended for a 60AH battery.

Lower: It takes more time to fully charge a battery.

Higher: The battery might be damaged if you use higher current to charge a battery frequently, which is not recommended.

No, DHC charger cannot damage sensitive electronics. So you do not have to disconnect the battery from the vehicle.

That is possible. But please make sure the model number, capacity, and condition are the same (do not connect a good one and a bad one together because it might damage the good one).

You can understand the status of the charged battery by referring to the LED indication like below:

  • Green & Red light both are off: No AC power
  • Only green light is flashing: Standby
  • Green light is on & red light is flashing: The charger is charging battery.
  • Only red light is on:
    • The battery cannot hold a charge, and it should be replaced immediately.
    • It might be a deeply discharged battery and it needs more time to be charged. If the red light still lightens after 20 hours, please replace the battery.
  • Green & Red light both are on: The battery is at least 75% charged.
  • Only green light is on: The battery is fully charged and it is under maintaining.


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